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Varigate is excited to work with so many great industry partners from many different industries. These include:

Oil & Gas: Directional Drilling, FRAC, Completions, Artificial Lift and more

Agriculture: From Equipment OEM’s through to your AG supply stores, we’re here to help.

Mining: Throughout Western Canada, we’re here to help all mining operations from Seals to Vibration Mounts and more.

Power Generation: Wind, Turbine, Hydro and Solar power generation

Pharmaceutical: Compliant with FDA, USP & EC regulatory standards

Medical Equipment: Surgical, dental, and rehabilitative tools and equipment support

Pulp & Paper: From conveyors, to hydraulic systems we can help

Food & Beverage: FDA Approved materials, Specialized wear parts for production assemblies and more

Industrial Design & Engineering: We’re happy to work with your team from concept to production and everywhere in between.


Manufacturing: From 1 to 1million, we can support your demand

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