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Disc Springs For Ball Bearing

Varigate Technologies Disc Springs for Ball Bearings are designed to serve as efficient retention devices when assembled with ball bearings. These disc springs are precisely engineered to provide optimal support and stability, ensuring secure positioning and enhanced performance of the bearings. Additionally, Varigate Technologies' Disc Springs serve as invaluable compensators for thermal expansions that occur during operation. With their exceptional ability to accommodate thermal variations, these springs ensure seamless functionality and mitigate the risks associated with temperature-induced stresses. Trust Varigate Technologies to deliver innovative solutions that maximize the reliability and longevity of ball bearing applications.
Available in a multitude of materials and compounds:
Nitrile (70 & 90 durometer)
FKM (75, 90, 95 durometer)
HNBR (80 & 90 durometer)
Aflas (80 Durometer)
Silicone (60 & 80 durometer)
FFKM (Available in custom compounds, 70, 90, 95 Durometer)
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