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High Temperature Disc Springs/Belleville Washers

Varigate Technologies introduces High Temperature Disc Springs/Belleville washers are skillfully crafted using premium high-temperature materials such as Inconel 718, 750, and Nimonic 90. Designed to withstand extreme temperatures, these disc springs offer remarkable resilience in specialized chemical environments, capable of operating flawlessly under conditions up to 600℃. With Varigate Technologies' High Temperature Disc Springs/Belleville washers, you can confidently tackle challenging applications where thermal endurance is critical. Our meticulously engineered springs exhibit exceptional heat resistance, ensuring reliable performance and longevity in the most demanding circumstances.
Available in a multitude of materials and compounds:
Nitrile (70 & 90 durometer)
FKM (75, 90, 95 durometer)
HNBR (80 & 90 durometer)
Aflas (80 Durometer)
Silicone (60 & 80 durometer)
FFKM (Available in custom compounds, 70, 90, 95 Durometer)
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