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Varigate provides a diverse inventory of Tungsten Carbide (TC) parts, tools, coating capabilities and more. For use in all industries, but especially in Oil & Gas and Machining, TC can extend the life of your business tools and equipment, increase efficiencies, and save you costly downtime and repairs. From wear parts to machining inserts and more, Varigate is ready and able to meet your needs.

Our supply chain allows us to provide our customers with high-quality technical support and products at a very competitive price. Plus, Varigate can help you manage your inventory through Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) or by simply having it on the shelf when you call.

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Varigate Tech Carbide
Let our experienced sales support staff and incredible vendors provide you with specifications, samples and excellent pricing to help you meet your businesses needs.

Our Partners

Through our partnership with Hand In Hand Technologies, we are able to provide a diverse inventory of unique Carbide parts for North America.
Varigate Tech Carbide

Hand In Hand Technologies

Hand In Hand Technologies provides over 30 years of technical Carbide expertise, making them an invaluable partner.
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You can recycle your Carbide machining inserts and endmills with Varigate!

We take care of everything from start to finish:

  1. We supply a bin for collection.
  2. You toss your scrap Carbide into the bin.
  3. We retrieve the bin and sort the product.
  4. We weigh and pay!

Our recycling program is available to customers across Western Canada. It's an easy, cost-recovering process that will save you and your business money.

Let Varigate help you economize space on your shop floor, contact us today to order a collection bin.

varigate tech carbide recycling

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