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Varigate Technologies' line of RockBit Tool Steel S2 Balls is specifically engineered to excel in the demanding environments frequently encountered in oil drilling operations. These balls are crafted from a premium-grade S-2 Rock Bit Tool steel material renowned for its exceptional combination of toughness, strength, and resistance against both shock and abrasion. With a consistent hardness ranging from 54 to 60 HRc, Varigate Technologies ensures that each ball maintains uniformity to deliver reliable performance under extreme conditions. Experience the unmatched durability and reliability of Varigate Technologies' RockBit Tool Steel S2 Balls, designed to withstand the rigors of oil drilling with exceptional precision.
Available in a multitude of materials and compounds:
Nitrile (70 & 90 durometer)
FKM (75, 90, 95 durometer)
HNBR (80 & 90 durometer)
Aflas (80 Durometer)
Silicone (60 & 80 durometer)
FFKM (Available in custom compounds, 70, 90, 95 Durometer)
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